Why you Should Invest in Real Estate in Fredericksburg VA

fredericksburg virginiaFredericksburg Virginia is one of the richest cities regarding historical and cultural charm. The city which was founded during the colonial era is home to many architectural buildings and historical sites, making it highly popular amongst tourists from all over the US. Real estate investment in Fredericksburg VA is fast rising due to the high traffic of tourists who visit the city. Continue reading “Why you Should Invest in Real Estate in Fredericksburg VA”

Historic Sites in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Battle of FredericksburgFredericksburg, VA is an extremely popular destination for tourists. This is mainly attributed to its rich culture and history. The town which was founded by colonialists is also home to the famous Battle of Fredericksburg, VA which occurred in 1862 during the Civil War. The combination of its colonial roots and Civil War roots has made Fredericksburg a popular tourist destination that attracts around 1.5 million visitors every year. If you are looking to visit Fredericksburg shortly, you should check out the following historical sites: Continue reading “Historic Sites in Fredericksburg, Virginia”

The Civil War of Fredericksburg, VA

Before the civil war, the city of Fredericksburg had been a colonial city, which had developed into a commercial spot. Due to the presence of the port and the development of infrastructure that connected the city to nearby towns and other cities, Fredericksburg grew into a trade hub and was favored by the colonial elite.battle 1

During the civil war, the city of Fredericksburg was affected once again because of its strategic location. It was located halfway between the main capitals of the warring parties, and this is attributed to the Battle of Fredericksburg which to date is considered one of the deadliest and most fierce battles during the Civil War period.

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Top 5 Must Visit Attraction Points in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg,_VA,_Museum_IMG_4007Are you looking for attraction sites to visit in Fredericksburg, Virginia? With many attraction points in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia, you might be confused about where to have experience fun, whether you live there or are just visiting for a vacation. To help you out, we have picked 5 of the best attraction points that you must visit. Continue reading “Top 5 Must Visit Attraction Points in Fredericksburg, Virginia”

Escape to Fabulous Fredericksburg – Oktoberfest

pic 1Fredericksburg is a favorite city in Texas with lots of activities and events for tourists and residents alike. The Oktoberfest is one of the extremely popular Fredericksburg festivals, and it has been running every year since the beginning of October. Basically, Oktoberfest is an event that brings together people from different parts of the world to celebrate the German culture, food, language and music amongst other things. Although this festival is not restricted to German revelers, it is mainly centered on the German culture. Continue reading “Escape to Fabulous Fredericksburg – Oktoberfest”

Exploring the Rich Culture of Fredericksburg, Virginia

image 1In exploring the rich culture of Fredericksburg, whether you make it, purchase it or just view it, art and culture is an integral part of the quality of life in Fredericksburg. The beautiful city, located midway between Washington D.C. and Richmond Va, has numerous museums, theaters, galleries studios, and concert venues. Residents and tourists enjoy access to many of the world’s finest museums and arts events. The first Friday evening of each month, has Fredericksburg residents and visitors abound to the city’s vibrant cultural and entertainment events which include but not limited to art, music, shopping, and dining. Continue reading “Exploring the Rich Culture of Fredericksburg, Virginia”

The Rich History of Fredericksburg Virginia

kirklandFredericksburg is a popular city found in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is well known for its rich history because it was originally a colonial town as well as a battlefield during the Civil War. Originally, Fredericksburg, which is located near the Rappahannock River, was chosen by the European colonialists as a frontier for Virginia and the land of this city was patented by the colonialists in 1671. In 1676, the Virginia General Assembly set up a fort on the Rappahannock River, and a German settlement was established on the Rapidan, a tributary of this river. The colonialists used this area as a fort for spreading their power to the Blue Mountain area. Continue reading “The Rich History of Fredericksburg Virginia”

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